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Last week we had one of my FAVE guest thus far, and will be a really really tough act to may know her from Last Comic Standing, Comedy Central's Not Safe with Nikki Glaser, or cause ya'll went to Kirkwood High School together...the exceptionally funny Nikki Glaser hung out most of Friday's show!  She was a RIOT!!! Few things to know about Nikki, first she is the second or third most famous person to come out of KHS....I mean she's no Scott Bakula haha, and she was Tim's BOSS at Comedy Central (Commercial for the show is below,  entire season is streaming on HULU if you are interested).


Nikki was in town for the birth of her nephew,which took place the day before Tim met his new nephew, in the same hospital....anyhoo....Nikki is a DOGGIE lover and while she is home decided to do some comedy but with 100% of the door sales going to our fave Stray Rescue, so next Wednesday, 7:30 pm at The Funny Bone Comedy Club come see comedy for the pups! Tim is hosting and it only cost $20 a ticket!!!




Video to go along with track #3....I told her I would include this!





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