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The age old question is "What do you want to watch on Netflix?" When scrolling through your suggestions you tend to see the same uninteresting stuff over and over. But now there is Netflix Roulette !!!! Our prayers have been answered! Next time you're stuck in a "show hole" give...
Ben Affleck & Jennifer Gardner have offically filed for divorce!! Khloe Kardashian is officially in love and ready for a second marriage! WATCH the video for all the details.
Jodie Sweetin has a restraining order against ex fiance Justin Hodak but he's been seen outside of her house...or has he? Charlie Murphy has passed away at the age of 57 from Leukemia. WATCH the video for all the details.
Mel B's divorce is messy and the NANNY isn't helping!! After this year Britney Spears will no longer do her Vegas residency shows :( WATCH the video for details!
Janet Jackson just had her first child a few months ago and now, she's going through another divorce :( Katy Perry's new short hair looks amazing on her! The problem's not short ENOUGH! WATCH the video for details!
Emma Stone had to say no to this 17 year old's promposal and now he's going solo. Mel B's divorce to Stephan Belefonte has more twists, turns and super villians than a Stephan King novel!! WATCH the video for all the details.
Don Rickels has passed at the age of 90. Although he was battling an illness, Don kept busy until his passing. Pepsi has taken down their controversial ad and issued an apology to everyone, including, Kendall Jenner. WATCH the video for more info on these stories!
Mel B is going through a divorce with husband Stephan Belefonte. A lot of horrible abuse alligations have come to light. Details are hard to hear. The Cash Me Outside girl, Danielle is talking to major music producers and we can't figure out why!! Details at the video!
Mama June is HOT!!! She's down a whole lotta weight and is looking GOOD! Casting for the live-action remake of The Lion King is underway and Beyonce is the top choice for one of the characters! But she may not take the job :/ WATCH the video and find out all the details! CLICK...