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Khloe "Went Ballistic" at Cheating Tristan, Is Having Early Contractions

TMZ reports that the Kardashian clan is en route to Cleveland to be by Khloe's side as the pregnant reality star has apparently gone into contractions while dealing with the news that her baby-to-be's daddy, Cleveland Cavaliers big man Tristan Thompson, cheated on her during the team's recent trip to New York.

According to Page Six, Khloe "went ballistic" on Thompson when she saw photos of him getting it on at a nightclub with Instagram model Lani Blair, whom he reportedly took back to his hotel. (Thompson was back in Cleveland when word of his tryst broke.) Furthermore, Us Weekly reports that Khloe, who'd previously planned to raise her baby in Cleveland with Thompson, "now just wants to get the hell out of Cleveland, but she can't fly" at this stage of her pregnancy.


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