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Calandra "Lady C" Mitchell

NOW96.3 Woman of the Week - Week of July 31st, 2017

Name: Calandra "Lady C" Mitchell

From: Edwardsville, IL

Works at: Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville

Lady C works with college students with various disabilities at SIU Edwardsville. Often times their parents (mainly mothers) come in and help them register with their office. From time to time a mother will get very emotional and start to cry. Caring for someone with a disability can get a little overwhelming at times. Lady C knows because she has a 9 year old son with autism. She sympathizes and her heart goes out to the mothers because they have to try and let their "child" be an adult. But the concerning and worrying about them never goes away. So, Lady C lets the mothers know that she will look out for their "child/student" as if they were her own because she can relate. Lady C states, "It's good to see that mother find peace in the sincerity of my heart."

Favorite NOW96.3 artists: Bruno Mars, John Legand, and Ed Sheeran

Song that gets Lady C through the day: That's What I Like by Bruno Mars

Congratulations to Calandra "Lady C" Mitchell, our NOW96.3 Woman of the Week!

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