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Brother shares devastating story of Ed Sheeran's serenade for his dying sister

Ed Sheeran is beloved by fans for his generous spirit and devotion to them. But the singer’s latest act of kindness goes above and beyond, Aidan Priestley shares.

Aidan is the brother of Triona Priestley and he appeared on Ireland’s The Ray D’Arcy Show to describe how Sheeran helped make his terminally ill sister’s dying wishes come true.

  •  “We were in this small little ICU room. Triona in this huge bed covered in tubes and machines," Aidan said on the show. “My brother left the room. He returned then and said, ‘I’m just going to put you on loud speaker,’ and he clicks it, then Ed Sheeran comes on and saying, ‘Hi Triona. I hear you’re a big fan.”
  • Sheeran played her favorite song, “Little Bird.” She was 15 and died shortly after Sheeran's phonecall. Triona lost her battle with cystic fibrosis in 2014 and Sheeran sent out a tweet mourning her loss. 

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