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Gorillaz release new 'Strobelite' video

Gorillaz’ new music video for “Strobelite” is sort of a hybrid of a disco celebration, an ‘80s neon-infused nightclub and a Tetris-inspired video game.

The clip features Pos from Del La SoulVince Staples and SavagesJehnny Beth, who all collaborated on the group’s latest album Humanz. The video was directed by Raoul Skinbeck, a friend of the band member Murdoc Niccals and illustrates the original theme of the album, which was meant to be “a party for the end of the world,” said frontman Damon Albarn.

Gorillaz have also confirmed a pair of new remixes on the way. A reworking of “Strobelite” by Kaytranada is set to land August 18th. A second, “dancehall remix” of “Saturnz Barz” by Cadenza, featuring all new verses from Mad CobraAssassinKila P and Teddy Bruckshot in addition to original vocals by Popcaan and Damon Albarn, will be released for Notting Hill Carnival on August 27th.

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