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Kelly Clarkson honored by Variety

Kelly ClarksonMichelle Pfeiffer, Priyanka ChopraOctavia Spencer, and Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins are this year’s Variety Power of Women LA honorees, and each has their own separate cover on the mag’s latest issue. Here’s Clarkson had to share with the mag:

On low points in the music industry: “I think a lot of artists have this story where you feel like you’re put in this box,. I presented a certain path that they needed to fulfill some profit. Whatever. It’s just not every artist that had an arranged marriage right off the bat.”

Why she decided to join The Voice instead of American Idol: “For American Idol, you have to travel. And it excites me to do something different. I’m not going to lie: I’m stoked about pushing the red button.”

Kelly also touched on her feud with her old record producer Clive Davis. RCA Records signed Clarkson after she won American Idol in 2002. Davis then took over the company in 2004, and the tension between the singer and the producer started to build.

Clarkson recalled crying after Davis referred to her song “Because Of You” as “sh*tty.” Clarkson wrote the song for her 2004 album Breakaway.

“I was told that was a sh**ty song because it didn’t rhyme,’ she said. “A group of men thought it was OK to sit around a young woman and bully her. I was told I should shut up and sing.”

Clarkson signed with a new record company, Atlantic Records, after her contract with RCA Records expired. The mother of two is now releasing a new album, Meaning of Life, on October 27th.

“It’s just the first record I’ve made that I didn’t call my mother, wanting to quit,” Clarkson said. “And I’m not a baby, y’all. I’m strong. There are songs about it! I’m a very powerful, confident woman, but at the same time, you just feel beaten down.”

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